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Electrical crimps, tools and the like...


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I'm no stranger to doing electrical things, however, with a whole car to wire at some point in the near future, I wanted to get a bit of input around crimping tools, terminals and what really works...

So, using Polevolt as reference as they seem to have most stuff automotive.....

Commonly, we have

  • Non-insulated terminals, and tools (common non-sealed connectors, use all over the place on a car, in factory looms)
  • Insulated terminals and tools (those blue/red/yellow ones)
  • JPT (like injector plugs) which seem to have their own tool
  • Econoseal, which again is a different tool
  • Superseal, different tool again?
  • Deutsch connector, definitely different, and needs a bank loan to buy the tool

Insulated terminals are fine for accessory fitting I am sure, but for a whole loom, perhaps not ideal, so I am concentrating on the other non-insulated terminals/plugs.

So I guess there's a few questions here:

  1. What do people *really* recommend?
  2. Can you use different crimps on other terminals, e.g. the Econoseal look similar to the regular non-insulated stuff, would 'non-insulated' crimpers work, or are they just not going to grip the cable properly....
  3. Same for JPT, they look similar, will they work?
  4. How can they justify £240 for a crimp tool (Deutsch)? 🥵
  5. Any other recommendations for plugs that don't break the bank?

Appreciate I have left this quite open, but that is in an effort to promote discussion....

Let the bun fight begin! :)



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I did my loom recent. There are a myriad of different connectors out there you can buy, and I tried a few. The best ones IMO were sumitomo hm jobbies. I did all of my crimping with a £15 ebay tool, which 99% of the time worked really well. It was only really with the stuff that was either too big or too small for the dies that I made a mess. 

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If I were starting a llom from scratch I'd go for the Deutsch DT/ DTM/ HD range. They can be had in a really wide range of sizes from 2 ways to neary fifty, lots of options of wire size too, and whilst the tools are expensive new, one tool genuinely does the full range. They are waterproof, easy to assemble and importantly disassemble when you pin one wrong.

They are very widely used in the low volume automotive world- buses/ fire engines/ earth moving machinery/ prototype vehicles/ military vehicles- The company I used to work for would default to them for pretty much all prototyping and low volume jobs, unless a differnet part was needed as a mating half.

I have a tool- if you keep an eye out on ebay, they do appear from time to time. Actually the generic military tool has some advantages over the deutsch tool as it's quicker to change terminals. You would need a m22520/1-01 tool also known as a DMC tool or astro tool or AF8. You also then need a turret/ positioner. Can't remember the number, but will have a look when I next go out to the workshop.

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I've just finished setting up all new stuff just for this while the Deutsch stuff is great they are expensive and as a minor inconvience the plugs are shaped I've gone to a GM clone off ebay 


If you shop around they are real cheap (think my 3 pin I got 10 of them for $5 delivered), are waterproof and the plugs are flat, (easy to zip tie down) 

Tools wise mine are all Teng but they arn't the best in qaulity and price... reason why I chose them is nobody onsite uses them and they are hard to get hold of in NZ so none of my mates have em.... I find Teng stuff in someone else box, its mine lol 
I've got two types of wire stripper the classic version 
Which are good for strippng where the ends aren't all cut for a join or for a splice etc and I have a set of these 
they are great if your doing plugs or such where your stripping off just enough for a crimp fit, and your able to slip the end of the wire into the stripper (shop around there are alot of cheaper versions of both) 

Crimpers, for yrs all I've used is one of these 
So long as you use em right they work, I even used them on terminal connectors. But I've finally gone and bought a set of ratchet crimpers and they are very nice to use 
Now catch with ratchet crimpers is some of these are made for giants or at least mutant people with increadably large hands lol I would recomend going and playing before you buy 

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Google Hozan P706.

Not cheap and not the most available in the UK (mine came from USA via a travelling colleague)

I have had a pair of these for several years now, and find them to be the most universal crimp tool (for uninsulated terminals) I have come across. I am sure one of the elders on here directed me towards them.

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I'm sure the Superseal and Econoseal take the same crimper, as I bought the matching ratchet crimper from Durite when I got plugs. They've worked perfectly for me every time. 

EDIT: Same for both super and econo:

Also worth adding that the crimpers were only about £25-30 when I bought them and the quality is great. I think I've got the other one for noninsulated terminals too. I'd happily get another crimper from them when I next need one.

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