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110 Gutter to roof sealing


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Goedemorgen !

I am sure it has been covered but I can't find it :


The gutter looks awful..


What have you successfully used to make the 110 roof waterproof ?

I seem to remember it has been covered here but I can't find it...

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I've used stuff from the yacht or building trades lines - the non-silicone PU sealant which you can overpaint. Some of it seems a bit fussy about what its going onto (some I used a year or two ago hated etch primer) but the best so far has been Soudal FixAll Crystal which is a clear version of FixAll Flexi. Its proved stable on the various painted surfaces and has not shed any of the paints I've used over it. Not expensive either.

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I've used both Saba tack 750 and sikaflex 291 for this job. Both work well but paint doesn't stick very well to either (even though both say you can). Saba is available in more colours than sika  so it is possible to semi match or contrast the colour. I used black both times but re-fix the ibex when the paint started coming off. If you mask it and peel the tape straight after tooling it you can achieve a neat line.


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I went to town on my 110 with PU adhesive a while back and although not the prettiest solution it has stopped all my leaks. There was a spongy type sealant in the gutters of mine and on all the joins in the roof that looked like it was from the factory that had degraded and cracked. Just to the left of the gutter in the picture below you can see where the windscreen curves down, I did all around that section as well:


I rubbed it down with some sandpaper then brake cleaner then two beads of sealant and smoothed down with a finger left a nice groove:


It's around the sunroof and all the joins in the roof panels you can feel it soft if you press it:


I used about two tubes of tiger seal or sikaflex can't remember which and so far so good. It goes kind of white after a while a bit like when rubber blooms but it's done the job


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Thank You !!

Not too worried about the looks as most of the gutter is behind the roll cage anyway.

Did you chissel the old stuff out ?


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