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Should I cut the the seat boxes or ???

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My rig isn't the most modded. And I'm restricted to what I can do, due to competing in ALRC events. However I'm pretty pleased with how the suspension performs, given the constraints.

I run a mix of tyres depending on terrain/location/weather, I like to trial on some super narrow 7.00 x 16's more often than not though. They are tall for their width (these examples are almost as tall as a 235/85).

However I have other tyres, sold some big Simex tyres last year that I want to replace and I'm currently sporting a "classic" set of Bronco Grizzly Claws in 285/75R16. This is the first time I've run them since messing with springs last year I think. And I've noticed an issue. They now impact the seat boxes under compression on the rear tub. The tub is slightly lifted from the chassis already. I know the easy fix is longer bump stops, but it kind of goes against my theories in suspension. I like the up travel and don't really want to reduce it.

So I was thinking I could cut the seat boxes and allow for more tyre clearance. I could re-box them in. Only downside is making the bed less usable. Ideally I'd like to create enough space for some 35's, so at least and inch or two taller than what I'm running at the moment.


Bit of a crappy picture, you can see the trimmed arch and the tyre stuffed into the bottom of the rear seat box.



Just to give the above photo some context:


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2 hours ago, Snagger said:

How about using spare wheel wells from 109 tub wheel boxes inverted?  They could be replaced by a p,Ian panel in the future, if needed.

An interesting idea. I guess sourcing them might be the biggest hurdle. I'll have a poke round a couple of the 109's in the field and see. Thanks.

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26 minutes ago, Daan said:


Definitely a good idea; is this on you series? remember, if the wheels stick out of the body, you need to cut the lip in the wheel arch as well.


Thanks Daan. This is my 88 coiler. Arches are already heavily trimmed with wider wheel arch flares on. Looks a tidy job you've done there. :)

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