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1985 2.5NA Incredibly Hot Under Seat

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Ciao guys, 

Was wondering if anyone had some idea why after just 20-25 min of mixed city/highway driving the metal shroud under the seats is getting crazy hot. Too hot to the touch with my hand. I even changed the transfer and gearbox oil last week and still getting crazy hot. Granted of course the temps are arriving around 35 here in central Italy, but I dont remember last summer the seat getting this warm. 

For context I just had the engine rebuilt a few months ago (19J or 12J cant remember exactly) and dont know if it has something to do with it. Is it just one of those defender things?




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That area will get very hot if there's no shielding, remember that 50-60C is too hot to hold your hand on but perfectly normal operating temperature for a gearbox.

We fitted some foil-backed foam matting under the seat box & tunnel which made a huge difference to temperature and noise, hardly used more than 1m of it in total.



If in doubt, temperature tell-tale labels are your friends;


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also remember to seal all holes possible in the seat boxes, if you drive with open windows then your cab is at a low pressure and you "suck" all the hot air into the cabin.

I often drive with the dash vents open and the windows closed and the seat box temp drops dramatically - one of those land rover quirks.

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Also check your heater controls and flaps are working, the Defender heater is hot all the time and a flap diverts air away from the heater core, if that doesn't work you're sucking hot air through the heater even with the fan off... with the fan on you might be blowing hot air!

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