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Spring Recommendations - +2"

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Hi All

Doing some work on the 110 today and have spotted that both front springs are broken...

Current setup is De Carbon shocks all round - front part number v45 3883 23 which I believe is +2 compared to standard length, so would need +2 springs to suit. Existing springs appear to be aftermarket, no markings other than being very orange and now in multiple pieces!

Majority of usage is on road with the occasional green lane. It's a 110 CSW v8 so has a little less weight on the nose than most.

Any suggestions on springs and poundage?



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I’m biased but Old Man Emu.

Here’s a chart that might help if you go to another manufacturer. The issue is the v8 is much lighter than say the tdi engine. Lots of resellers will just do a 2 inch lift which on the v8 might be a bit high.  OME sell V8 specific so it will be right. You get what you pay for and they don’t break like other manufacturers. There are quite a few sets of Genuine delivery mileage springs on eBay that may suit. There is a colour chart somewhere on this forum. Enjoy


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Looks like the spring rates are:

Flatdog +2 : 220lbf/in

OME +2 : 200lbf/in 

The FD ones are rated as medium/heavy duty, the OME are rated for up to 50kg extra weight and have v8 specific ones (but typically are a few quid more expensive!). 

Have just ordered the OME ones - will see how I get one with them...

Thanks again!

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