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I’m looking at buying a Series 3 88” later this week that has a 200Tdi engine in it. From the advert it looks okay (don’t they all 😀) but I have a slight concern....

The spare wheel has a “Liveridge“ cover on it. My worry is this..... I believe that Liveridge went bust a few years ago and I have read a number of poor reviews about them. The ad says that the vehicle had a full restoration about 15 years ago but I don’t know if this was carried out by Liveridge or not.

Should I avoid this vehicle, or have a closer look anyway? Any advice, or any experiences of Liveridge would be extremely helpful.






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There are some things you can't un-see.  Not sure what the relevance of Liveridge is, over any other motor-trader with LR product, now or in the past? Can't say much about Liveridge per se, either. Gotta' say, if the cover's any measure, it puts your current owner's judgement to question. Reckon they're 'kin awful.

It's an old Land rover. Buy on the vehicle's merit.

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Cover could be from anywhere..

Have a look and try to find out the history etc.

Obviously, we love pics..

There are a few ways to fit a 200 Tdi in a Series and not all are the same so look at that very closely - and how the gearbox is..

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I visited Liveridge in 2004 to see how they did their 110 hardtop conversions (seating, windows and seatbelts).  My friend would wind me up for years after about the expression on my face as their staff showed me the cars up close and said how they do it.

My advice is to take a look, but make it a close look.

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When I worked for OEC, Liveridge vehicles were our base work. We generally had one a month in for rectification of faults and issues based on the 'restoration'

Chequer plate covers for the rear cross member were a classic - always hiding something unpleasant.

Wiring - oh dear, worse than most of the big names

The worst thing was the habit of spraying everything under the bonnet with a black/grey shiny paint. So everything was the same damn colour. It would take hours to clean off, just so you could inspect things; let along undo bolts etc.

Everything was a bitsa, so useless for overland travel, where numbers didn't match.

OEC were THE go to company for sorting out the mess made by the big name companies; so stuff like this was common. But seeing a Liveridge wheel cover was (and still is) an bit of a downer

Having said that, I reckon there early stuff might be good - before they got greedy

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