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Dirty diesel or fuel pump?

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Hi there, 

I own a 300tdi Defender out in Tanzania - decent mechanics are quite hard to come by, was wondering if anyone had any ideas on my current predicament! 

On the way out of the bush the Landy quite abruptly stopped being able to build revs, so I limped to a town largely just on torque. If I restart her, she seems back to normal but after about 5 mins the problem resumes. I've had the guys drop the tank, clean it, clear the sedimenter, clear the lines and the problem resumes. The sedimenter had a fair bit of crud in it (as did the tank), which reappeared after it was cleaned. Obviously dirty diesel is prime suspect, but now it's been thoroughly cleaned the problem remains - could this be a suspect fuel pump? Hopefully not, because that entails sitting in the middle of nowhere for a few days until I can get one in on the back of a motorbike from a larger town. 

 Any ideas gratefully received, will keep everyone posted on progress and enjoy the culinary delights of rural Tanzania in the meantime...



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Welcome to the forum

 I had a similar issue where the car would run then really struggle my problem turned out to be baffle in exhaust had collapsed and the fibre inner stuff was blocking the exhaust removed it and car ran ok until I got new exhaust fitted regards Stephen

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Were you able to change the fuel filter ?

Check all pipe nut connections on the low pressure feed and return  including the leak off pipes (push fit)

Crack the bleed bolt on top of the filter while ticking over - it should flow plenty and is flow direct from the lift pump so will show if the pump is delivering . If it is weak check the fuel lines and connections back to the tank to eliminate loose connections/breaks , also check the sender steel pipe for rust pinpricks.

Back on the trail soon :)


Steve b 

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Cheers guys, much appreciated! Scrounged a fuel pump off a fallow Landy and solved the problem initially, but it now has a weird habit of being fine, except when idling - almost like the idle is way too low. 

Got to a major town, so will get her in for a proper going over and will keep you posted.

Thanks again,


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