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Trailer indicator tell tale dash light not working

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I assume you have replaced the trailer warning light bulb ? it's driven by the flasher unit, so maybe a fault in that item even though the rest works, 

thought I had the unit I removed from my 110 after changing to led indicators all round, I have found it, it's this unit in my reply photo in this thread 



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Thanks chaps.

The bulb definately works as the telltale trailer light triggers on for the first flash of the indicators with and without a trailer connected.

I did replace the flasher relay last year. I cant remember if I have towed since then though! I replaced like for like though and the telltale definately flashed before that with the trailer indicators.

It also flashes as it should with the hazards.

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I have the same issue. I think it's maybe because of voltage drop at the trailer bulbs insufficient current passes to make it think there is a bulb there. I know the obvious is find where the drop occurs but I have spent quite a while checking through - the fuse box under the dash was one place there was a bit of a problem, but not enough to stop it working. So what to do ? Maybe add another bulb/resistor in parallel on the trailer, or I think Boltonbits do an adjustable unit - I was planning to do the latter, as I think it's tested at MOT time if you have a 13 pin trailer plug (which I want to switch to as the 7 pin ones corrode & produce a voltage drop...)

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Sorry Ralph, not been on today so only just seen this. Its a bit of a trek really so don't worry. Given the replies on here, I need to try the other trailer and see what that does - that could rule out the car and implicate the trailer. I am sure it was working at one point yesterday but stopped soon after I embarked on the journey....

Its a 7 pin plug so I might blast it with some electrical cleaner and see what that does...

Will report back...

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