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200tdi dash upgrade

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So I just ordered the raptor engineering Speedo surround and the binnacle bit ? 
problem is I’ve now seen the td5 upgrade posts.

So question is

does the td5 warning light part fit in the pre td5 dash ?

And what about the speedo ?



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Wow. That was quick. Much appreciated 

but not really what I wanted to hear . Lol

nevermind . So what options do I have for better lighting . Assuming bulb changes but anyone know what I need ? Or better still links ??


 Thanks again 

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Bit too late for that Ralph.  When I said just ordered I meant just ish... Should be here tomorrow.

gotta be cheaper to stick with what I have anyway. Transducer , speedo loom, plugs etc etc.. all adds up.

and I seriously have to slow the spending down



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Oh ok

assuming that’s not a problem then ?

also.. I’m thinking I like the idea of blue. But I know the speedo and other gauges have a green tint thingy. From school ( a very long time ago) blue and green mixed,  does that mean I’ll end up with a purple ish dash ? O can I remove the green bit. I know one is deffo broke anyway 



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If you mean does the TD5 warning light panel fit in the raptor pre TD5 clock surround yes it does , because I ordered the pre TD5 one and then upgraded the clocks as you have done on my 110 , and I brought the TD5 version from Raptor not long ago for my project 90 and from memory there the same but for a couple of rivnut type things . If you can hang on till tomorrow I'll go and have a look at what fittings I got with mine .

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There is no hanging on time left. Raptor turned up this morning and fitted already 😂

so from what your saying I can  maybe order myself a td5 warning light panel and it will fit in this new shiny clock surround ??


and if that is the case, why do raptor tell you to let them know if it’s to go in a td5 ??

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And the destructions , I guess it's cheaper and simpler to make one then come up with a way too make the other fit . I didn't know this till I brought this one I drilled the holes out on the one on the 1110 then made up a couple of bits of wood to support it from the rear .

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Paul mc on here is your man for the connectors Also Land Rover connectors on eBay , back is held on with 2 torx screws and 2 at the ends to secure it to the binnacle,



all opened up ,



so my interpretation of the destructions are still the holes out like this and fit the rivnuts,


then secure it by using the bolts through the binnacle,


so all you need is a couple of 6mm rivnuts and your good to go .

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