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Best place to fit an ARB air compressor

Cornish Rattler

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Hi guys

As you know I'm getting into beach metal detecting and as you know everything you take on a beach gets covered in sand even if you try and keep it off the sand, anyway whilst driving home from my last trip out the other day I got thinking if it's possible to fit a single cylinder arb compressor to my 2a for blowing sand off the detectors and other detecting tools before we leave for home and if so where is the best place to fit it :)

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1 hour ago, Gazzar said:

One of these under the seat?



And one of these under the rear wheel arch?


Yeah I do have one of those and did think of using it for this but want something I could just switch on and go instead of lifting seats and connecting up plus I have a long drive which my garage airline doesn't reach all the way up so the T max gets used for that just incase the end car has a flat, good idea though :)

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