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Thoughts on how and were Ineos will sell the Grenadier

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On 12/6/2020 at 7:48 PM, jeremy996 said:

I take your point - somebody has to bring the food and drink.

"Drinkins" time: got to have something rugged and reliable to bring that.

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When I asked the question on the 2B Prototype Tour, I was told that the announcements would be shortly, (partly as they are taking refundable deposits in October 2021). From the discussion, each country may have a different solution, depending on what distribution/servicing networks are available.

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Some quotes on the Ineos Commercial Director in this Australian article:


Tennant says key to proving to his customers that the INEOS Grenadier is tough enough to rival the 70 Series is putting experts like farmers and miners behind the wheel.

While developing the go-anywhere INEOS off-roader, instead of going it alone the 4x4 start-up teamed with experts like Magna for engineering, BMW for the powertrain, Carraro for the differentials and Recaro for the seats.

But experts, once again, will hold the keys to the Grenadier's breakthrough Down Under, according to Tennant.

Instead of investing heavily in dealers and outlets, from 2022 Grenadiers could be sold in remote locations by agricultural machinery dealers, off-road specialists or 4x4 accessory makers.

According to Tennant, discussions are already underway with ARB, Pedders and Brisbane's Minecorp.

“We really want to work with these guys. They have a massive following and we love what they do already.”

As part of the novel arrangement, third-party automotive businesses could develop accessories like aluminium trays, ’roo bars or mining equipment for the Grenadier and, in return, they may be offered the chance to sell the Grenadier on a commission basis.

“It's about respecting how much expertise there is out there and working with like-minded people for a mutual benefit,” said Tennant.


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