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Front 11inch brake pipes

Bob Bellamy

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Im having trouble with front brake pipes on my series 3landrover.when trying to connect bottom pipe to cylinder the bottom is to tight to get in so i have  moved back plate around 1 bolt hole to make easier will this be a problem as cylinders are now 2 clock and 8 oclock thans

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It is tight against the steering arm mount , fitting the pipes with the back plate off is the easiest . I've re-done the pipes before to take the feed into the bottom and re-position the bleed nipple to the top - easier to bleed . 

To answer your question , assuming you can bleed successfully the brake operation will be no different . 

Some pictures of it and the truck would be nice 


Steve b 

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Moving the backplate round 1 hole is common, it also make bleeding them much easier.  I am fortunate though I didnt need to do it on mine but I did fit the cylinders pipes and shoes on the bench before fitting on the land rover.  Oh and I also filled the cylinders with brake fluid whilst on the bench.  Small ratchet strap round the shoes to keep in place and I bled the brakes before fitting the drums.



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I plan to rotate my 11 inch brakes one hole, too.  I needed to buy new brake fittings and some 3/16 inch brake line.  I made new metal brake lines and bubble flared the new lines.  Hope to have it back together this week. Good luck!

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