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Defender 300tdi water temperature gauge

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Defender 300tdi water temperature gauge

Gauge not moving (used to work)

1)      Ignition on, sensor wire to earth gauge moves.

2)      Removed old sensor connected wire and applied heat to the sensor, temp gauge moved.

3)      Installed a brand-new sensor black core defender, same again gauge not moving.

4)      Again, tested both old and new sensors. just connected to the wire and earthed applied heat gauge moved     

New thermostat 88 degree fitted.

New sensor (black core defender).

Radiator good, no blockage and engine runs at what appears normal temp.

Viscus fan operating as should engine not over heating (full days off-roading last weekend no issues only temp gauge not working)

No heater fitted as it’s an off-road yoke.

the only other thing is the orginal push on connector that was fitted onto the temp sensor was badly pershished so i removed it and connected the wire directly to the sensor with a crimp/brass connector, and tested so i know it works.

Can someone please tell me what else to check?


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Not sure on your apples and pears remark, as my original question was about a defender 300tdi water temperature gauge, one would know it would be a defender gauge and sensor unless stated if an aftermarket gauge and sensor where indeed fitted. Again, the gauge and sensor where compatible, and one would know 88 degrees for the thermostat would be centigrade  

I don’t normally ask to many questions on the forum, but when I do it’s because I firstly have exhausted all avenues to suss the problem or problems I encounter, thankfully not to many.

Many thanks for taking the time to write a reply.

The original issue I request assistance for has been sorted.    

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Have you checked the earth from the engine/block to your electrical, assuming you have as gauge moves? Mine started playing up when my earth was playing up.

The defender 300 sender on mine was green? AMR1425 (with td5 gauge conversion). Now scrapped out in favour of a proper VDO temp in deg C jobber.

You have AMR3321 which should be correct for 300tdi/analogue gauge.

Try a negative jump lead only between engine block and battery negative, see if reading on guage changes. After that i'd move to the black ring terminal on the bulkhead under the bonnet that should be the gauge/instrument earths.

It won't take much to upset it, also see if the fuel gauge is doing a similar thing?



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