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TD4 over Freelander 2


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Hi all

i have been looking at two freelanders one is a 06 plate TD4 with a BMW engine similar spec and mileage to a 06 plate freelander 2 

both are in silver 

my question is which one is the better car. The one with many years of testing and upgrades or the new and improved but not really been on the market for a while when manufacturing started.

what should I look for

any help will be gratefully accepted



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You are asking about reliability on two 14 year old cars which are totally different in terms of engine and construction.  Expect problems with either. And don't expect too much in the way of testing and upgrades.  Best FL2 is a post 2013 SD4 auto which has a lot of Evoque tech in it but presumably beyond your financial reach.

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I have literally just sold my second Freelander 1 TD4. While I really liked driving them, both were problematic in various ways. NOT major mechanical issues, but left me stranded several times. 

Would I have another ? No way.

Cant comment on Freelander 2 except that an acquaintance had one and really liked it, but the engine packed up, so it was sold as spares or repair.

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I have had a 2007 Freelander 2 TD4 for since beginning of 2014. It has towed a caravan all around Australia. Was bought with about 80,000km on the clock and now it has now has 197000km. I love this car.

It unfortunately has never seen the inside of an uncover shelter so many of the interior issues are my fault. It is paying that price because I bought a 1924 buick which needs the shelter more, it spent 20 years in a field.

What has going wrong? Outside - The CV boots needed to be replaced. The shock absorbers needed to be replaced. A turbo hose blew. One of the electric cooling fans stopped working. The bearing on the ac compressor needs to be replaced. Obviously brake pads, diesel filters, have been replaced. I have also flushed the transmission. There is a small diesel leak on the top of the motor that has been there for years. And other than usual servicing, that is it.

Inside - the back locks stopped working, the headliner needed replacing, the front seats needed to be reupholstered the dash is severely crack and is covered by a mat. the rear window tint came off.  But  the car is really very comfortable and I just fix these little things as they happen, I easily fitted a very modern 2din entertainment and phone system. The original speakers are great I love the cruse control and the ac is cold.  This may seem like a lot but the wagon has done some hard work and has been on beaches and it is still in good shape mechanically. We love it.         

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