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Most comfortable/safe 2nd seat for a 2003 110.

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So, I switched from my 90 (which I fitted with full Puma forward facing folding rear seats) to a 110.

The problem is that (since I'm 1m93) I shove my seat quite far back when driving. I installed the MUD seat rails so I have enough leg room. (https://www.mudstuff.co.uk/products/mud-seat-rails)
My kids now are quite cramped on the 2nd seat row. I now have the standard 110 folding seats there without head-rests.

I'm looking into a safe (with headrests), comfortable set of seats for the 2nd row with extra leg-room for my kids.

So far I've come up with 3 options:

1) install puma 2nd row seats and install the FAR legroom extenders. https://farcorners.co.uk/product/far-defender-110130-second-row-seat-risers/
question here is how much extra room will that bring? Is it posible to mount it a bit more to the back? 
I like that it's a standard set, I will find one that will match my Puma front seats and that I can also fold it up completely for extra storage.

2) install 2 exmoor Premium High Back seats: https://www.exmoortrim.co.uk/premium-high-back-full-seat-set.html
it's nice that the backs of the seats can recline. (If I (re)move the most forward inward facing seats)
how much extra legroom wil that bring? downside is that only the backs will fold forward.

3) install 2 Puma front seats on their own rails.
Since the frame will be custom, I can decide for my self where I want to place them. Has this been done before? Any tips/pictures?

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There has been lots of different seat fitted in the second row of a 110, two front seats on a seat box is quite common and you will probably find a write up on the forum somewhere. I fitted rear seats from a Discovery 1 in mine having made a rail to mount the pivots too. they give basically the same rear legroom as the originals but have no adjustment.

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I've looked at doing similar so will follow this with interest..

One thing I did wonder is what happens with the rear seat belts - if you move the rear seats back then the seat belt shoulder mount is going to be in front of the occupant - so it may be uncomfy or potentially unsafe.. Not entirely sure how you'd get round this without moving the entire seatbelt mechanisms and mounting points..

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Ballcock ( 🙂 ); you have any pictures of your setup? Including how they are mounted?

jon: In my 90 I've also moved the front seats quite a bit back (headrests were way behind the seatbelt mounts) never had an issue with the belts feeling loose or unconfortable.

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If you fit any 2nd row seat that sits further aft than a standard one, the rear upper seatbelt mount really needs moving rearward. I need to do this on my 110. To get an ideal position relative to the occupant's shoulder the belt mounting will need to be in the area of the sliding rear windows.
I have a pair of front seats in my second row, with good legroom. You do have to watch the head room situation. Tall people sit with their heads against the roof lining.

I have an idea @Ed Poore may have altered his upper seat belt mounts. He fitted L322 seats front and rear in his 110. Maybe he'll pop up with some info. 

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Fitted the fronts first, depending on your leg to body ratio you can get away without cutting the seatbox (just relocating mounting tabs).

The rears are technically wider than the inside of the vehicle but slamming the doors does work :ph34r:. The seats collapse unless they have something to hold them upright because they normally latch into the wheel arches. I changed out my leaky, rattly windows for 88" sides and bent a bracket and welded on a stub to hold the seat up. It's stronger than what is normally present on a CSW for holding the seat belt and is bolted to the roof and tub (rather than just what passes for a C pillar).

They are damn comfy, just got out of an 8h non stop journey to Scotland. Can get some pictures of the brackets and setup if people want.

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I made a box section  frame and bolted the pivot points onto, with 25mm box section to support the rear. the original seat back catches I relocated with some angle section and used the disco seat catch plates by turning then around on their fixings and swapping side to side. They fold forward to the rear of the front seats reasonably well. The front seats I altered a pair of hinges to fix to both the seat holes and the original defender seat box at the rear whilst lifting the rear of the seat above the back of the box allowing the adjusters full range. At the front of the seat I removed the section that was riveted on and bolted an 25mm box section cut as a wedge with holes which correspond again to the original seat box positions. I made locating pins from 8mm bolts cutting the head off and drilling for an "R" clip. They hinge back allowing good access to both tool box and battery compartment.











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I forgot to mention with the seat backs folded flat I could not shut the door so replaced the interior grab handle with a strap made from webbing, you can see one on the front door pane,l as I replaced them to keep it looking the same.|Another problem is accessing the door lock buttons when the seat are folded forward so I am fitting a remote system as some one recommended on another post.

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I had this discussion a few years back. I ended up fitting freelander 1 rear seats that i had moved 4inches back by modifying the rear arches slightly to accommodate them and provide ample leg room in the back. They have worked well. Thread here. Photobucket has ruined the build/fit part by messing all of the original pics up but i do have the pictures somewhere if anyone wants to see them. 



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I also have a Freelander rear seat however mine is not a defender it's an ibex. I fabbed up a seat box for the second row for the Freelander seat to sit on.


In your case you might be able to fit the rear seat box from a double cab or 130. This would give a flat base to mount Freelander, discovery or defender fronts on. You may then need some sort of bracket to take the seat back.


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