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Discovery 2 TD5 Immobilised


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Hi  My Discovery 2 TD5 1999 has been partly out of use due the Covid-19 disease.  But i have been regularly starting the car and to conserve battery power I have disconnect the battery in between. At present the car has been immobilised and I am unable to start it. I think that the key fob wont work as there appears to be no power to the driver's door.

When the car is immobilised does the driver's door have its power shut off?  If NO then that might be why I cant operate the key fob to lock and unlock the doors  as power to the door is required.



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The central locking should work normally only the alarm will go off when you open the door. Certainly does on mine. 

Get the EKA code from the dealer if you don't have it and input it as per the manual. That will disable the immobilizer and allow you to start the car.

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Thanks Simon.  I had to call out a mobile auto elecrics engineer. After going through a series of tests he traced the issue to the BCU - it had water ingress from a rusty hole in the bulkhead. I now need to get the BCU repaired or replaced. List of checks that the engineer reported:

Travel to site, check over
Check key is transmitting OK
Check all fuses OK
Remove BCM shows signs of water ingress
Open BCM found large amounts of corrosion
Customer to send away for repair
Return to depot.


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Hi BogMonster,  thanks on inspection the corrosion is very little. I have cleaned the bcu with surgical spirit and used my finger nail to scrap some small deposits away. I now need to use a magnifiying glass to see any marks, there were a few copper sulphate corrosion locations.  I have a stero microscope that I am trying to set up to further scrutinise the board.

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