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Ive searched on the web and the search function but can't find anything useful.

Has anyone done the Longranger style cab conversion on a TD5 disco and fitted a defender rear tub?

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There used to be a disco 1 in the club that had a 90 rear tub. It made it into an interesting pick up, it was nicely done but did look a little odd (certainly wasn't ugly though). I assume they chopped the chassis and fitted a 90 rear crossmember. I don't recall how it transitioned between disco front and 90 rear.


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the defender tub is too narrow and IMHO looks terrible on a disco.

A hi cap tub might be better or a flatbed. if you are using it for work you can't carry much weight before the balance is a little off with such overhang.

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+1 on the tub being too narrow. They just look really odd on a Disco. Have seen pics on the web. Hi-cap tub or something fitting the side profiling of the Disco would look a lot better IMO.

Can only find this pic at the moment, but it's the rear 3/4 view or rear view that looks the most wrong, as the bed is way narrower (note how it steps in at the back of the door). 


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