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Fitting fiddle brakes in LANDOVER DEFENDER challenge wagon

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I drove a friend wagon last Saturday with these fiddle brakes fitted, now I am wondering why I never fitted these before in my wagon., getting his defender to turn at tight stages was magic.

So, my plan is as follows: -

Fit vertical twin handled Milner kit complete with cylinders.

Reroute the rear brake line from the master cylinder to the twin cylinders on the Milner kit.

New brake lines from the Miners kit to each rear wheel.

Air lockers already fitted to axles, and upgraded brake callipers on rear wheels.    


Will this setup work?

Plumbing all brake lines as described can I still use the foot brake as normal on rear brakes as well as front brakes?

Am I missing anything? Any comments welcome


Many thanks

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Yes, that should work.

There's no *need* to fit a second pair of calipers, clearly they will work, but also nothing stopping you using the fitted calipers either.


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I fitted additional calipers and used triumph acclaim master cylinders with servos to get a stronger bite when I had them on my lightweight certainly had no issues at MOT time the only other thing I will mention is be prepared for drive line breakages as fiddles can be harsh on the system due to sudden stopping of one side as appose to normal braking where clutch is normally applied. I also ran air lockers which helps considerably but still managed to lose some crown wheels and pinions regards Stephen

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If you do go for fiddles on your truck get a steering knob to attatch to the steering wheel as it makes life a lot easier, also it does take a wee bit of time to get good coordination especially if doing a trials course not so much if just wanting to lock up a spinning rear wheel, still have my setup in the garage loft was all home made about 30years ago will post a picture at some point I also had a hand brake lever grafted between them gave me the best series handbrake ever but not allowed for MOT certainly not back then regards Stephen

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thanks for the comments

no road use so no MOT

So just so i am clear i dont need another master cylinder just use the pipework from orginal MC to the fiddle brakes and then two lines to the rear wheels from the fiddle brake assembley 

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