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Hi all, I am a new member with a fuel problem.

My Freelander 2 SE TD manual was bought new here in Spain early in 2013. I love it very much and would have exchanged it for the same again if they still made them. Now the Discovery models are automatic in 4x4 I am not in a hurry to go for that.

But my question is, does anyone else have problems with the fuel system causing the car to "miss a beat" at times. This has been going on and off for some years now, the garage where I bought it managed to sort it out once but since then all they do is change the diesel filter and its back to doing it again in no time at all. I do not have much faith in the mechanics there. The other problem is that at first they were very helpful when the car was relatively new, now they don't care and suddenly the people who were able to speak to me in English are not so good and don't understand me at times.

Any help or information would be gratefully accepted.


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My understanding is the most likely explanation is an air leak into the diesel line. Follow the line from the tank to the injector pump and make sure all of the joints are tight and you cannot see any dampness around the lines/joints.

Are you sure it is not an electrical fault, tripping the stop solenoid? (Wild speculation here, but dodgy connections get more common as a vehicle ages).

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