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Evoque Tyres for a bit of Off Road

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Welcome to LR4x4 , what size wheels and tyres are fitted now? 

Also can you expand a little on moderate off-roading as it will mean different things to different people , background and context will help with any suggestions .


Steve b

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Size is possibly the main issue, and you may need to consider another set of wheels? if you have 235/60 18's you may find your choice is limited to the all-weather road tyres anyway, changing to smaller wheels would help a lot but then you need to check clearance for brakes in the wheel. Putting taller tyres on your 18's will give you more choice again but then I don't know if Evoques have adjustable steering stops or at what point you run into clearance issues under the wheel arches, taller tyres obviously then affects speedo etc. on road.

Use a tyre size comparison calculator on the web to check physical dimensions against each other and see how close you can get something. As a rule of thumb most cars will allow snow chains to be fitted and so a modest increase in tyre size overall is workable.

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