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I have a Karcher WD3. It has a power tool power outlet, which is very handy when woodworking. Had it several years and it's been excellent, even used on the blast cabinet.

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On 9/8/2020 at 8:28 AM, Bowie69 said:

Just be a bit careful, the modern Henry's are not what they were thanks to the EU wattage restrictions. Much more lightly built, completely different animal.

I have a 'modern' Henry, no complaints so far, though it is mostly in the house on pet hair duty.  Left the previous 'old' Henry the house I now let out.

An ex-submariner told me that the navy uses Henrys on their nuke boats - bagless.  If it's good enough for them...

In the garage is a Lidl special - works quite well but noisy as a noisy thing.  Do yourself a favour and spend the coin on a Henry and a set of bags.

All you people getting vacuums consistently blocked with bits of tree meat: have a look on Youtube, it's full of people building cyclones to separate the wood shavings into a bucket.  If the shavings are getting stuck in the hose, you can get smooth bore hoses from the usual merchants.  But honestly, for serious wood working, you need an extractor, rather than a workshop vacuum.  There is a difference (flow versus pressure).

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I also have a Henry which dates from 2005 - which I guess makes it an 'old' one?

It has refused to die despite continued abuse.

The only thing I don't use it for is cleaning my lathe / mill (which killed a previous vacuum in a few days).  For that, I have a pneumatic venturi-vacuum which you connect to an air compressor.  It's not the most sucky of vacuums but having no moving parts, it's never going to die due to ingress of anything.


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