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An interesting one, from 21MY all diesel-powered vehicles will have the above system rather than permanent 4WD. From what I can tell this uses a clutch pack in the centre diff to vary torque between axles as appropriate to the driving conditions and even allows the front axle to be disconnected if not required (not sure if this will feature in Defenders). Off road of course it locks up as usual via Terrain Response so no impact to traction etc  

This is similar to technology used in other models in the LR range as well as other 4x4 manufacturers and I presume is being driven by emissions.

Official press-release here.

I also found this graphic, no idea on its accuracy but it’s interesting nonetheless. 


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3 hours ago, Snagger said:

Ah, so the Pretender is now trying to emulate Series vehicles?  🤔

Or freelander. I wonder if they filled the clutch pack with custard powder like the F1?

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On 9/10/2020 at 7:55 PM, Bowie69 said:

My Audi is permanent AWD with factory rear difflock....

OK, though some front wheel drive cars converted to AWD (Vauxhall for one) still have front drive bias where some even disconnect the rear in certain conditions.

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I believe the XC90, which is AWD, is usually front wheel drive and disconnects the rear when not required.  The IRD rear output gear is notorious for premature wear on them if the AWD is worked hard because it’s made of aluminium. 😏

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