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Ladies, Gents collective.



Big brother- If this is not allowed i am deeply sorry and feel free to move/ remove this post as appropriate.



Recently I gained a new project, 4.6 P38 of 1995 vintage.

It was supposed to be a fun project that my son and I could enjoy prior to selling and moving to a new toy.

Unfortunately, COVID happened and i am 'Bored' of the project. The engine now runs (fuel pump) and the vehicle moves under its own power.

Sadly this means that the 4 height sensors and Black box that sits in the Air suspension system needs to be sourced and fitted, (was hoping to sell the removed LPG kit and Coil spring conversion to pay for these parts.


Then to my untrained eye the Rangey could get 4 new tires (replace two air bags) and an MOT prior to being sold.

Problem is the V8 now runs and no one wants to buy the bits.


Sooooooo. Does anyone want to swap projects? 

Really i want a defender..... I know.... please stop laughing. I am just trying my luck. 

Proposing a swap. All my range rover bits and P38 with fun V8 for a defender project. 


Once you stop laughing i look forward to the replies (i know i will get some abuse but be gentle)




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