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Trying to identify origins of my main loom!

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Hi guys,

This might be more appropriate in the Military forum, but figured id start here as there is probably a bigger audience.  My (long) rebuild is basically complete apart from all the wiring (so, ah, no, not really complete). Its a 1986 90 with a transplanted 3.5 carbed V8 from a RRC.

Not 100% sure, but I believe my main loom came from a 1991 v8 110 snatch vehicle.  So a few questions, sorry to pile them all into a single thread!!!:

1) Attached is a pic of some additional connectors which seem to be surplus to my requirements behind the cigarette lighter panel.  I'm assuming those were probably connectors for the 6way convoy lights switch - is that correct?

2) If that is the case, can they be left as is, or are they needed to be 'rigged' in some way in order to complete the circuit for hazards/indicators to function? (at the moment i'm not getting any positive feed to those, and suspect this is related to the 6way wires )

3) Ive attached also a pic of the fuse box which I think was the same for a 300tdi and a v8?.  If yes and this was from a 110 V8, does anyone happen to have a fuse layout diagram or a part number for the correct decal for future reference? Have tried and cannot find...

4) Were military looms wired for both diesel and petrol variants? I also seem to have wiring for glow plugs in the loom (again not needed). Just figured the MoD had 1 loom made which fitted various vehicles....

Appreciate any help anyone can offer....



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