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10 hours ago, ianmayco68 said:

That's surprised me Nick I was expecting it to work the other way , fitted in the sides and pushing them out . Sounds very simple to make .

They typically do that, with lugs locating in the circular holes either side of the aperture.  But that is harder to make, harder to use, and requires the holes to be cleaned out for the lugs to engage safely.  Compressing from above and below is far simpler.

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10 hours ago, Bowie69 said:

The way I have seen it done is will a bottle Jack and some chains around the axle tubes.

Bottle Jack on the nose of the diff with the chains over it and gently extend the Jack....

That’s work, but I’d worry about damaging the thinner walls of the diff nose, which would put the pinion out of true.  I would not want to jack against the pinion flange and put those loads through the pinion and its bearings.

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Surely the pinion will be in there whether you are removing the centre or putting it back in

Anyways, seen it done, and it takes a very small force to do it.

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A spreader is easy to build and saver in my eyes. The concept can look like this, but it is not necessary massive like that. With a turnbuckle like shown above not even welding is needed




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