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lightweight vent panel scratch build( I hope )

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That's excellent work, a proper achievement ūüôā I think I'd knock up a few more panels whilst the dies are still rust free and you remember all the little tricks to get this to work!¬†


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That's an immensely impressive build thread!

I admire your perseverance - and the end result looks about as good as it gets!


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8 hours ago, daveturnbull said:

Nice work. I smell a small business opportunity.

Indeed, I'd be dropping the lightweight club a line at the very least.

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8 minutes ago, FridgeFreezer said:

Indeed, I'd be dropping the lightweight club a line at the very least.

Let's wait and see what finished vent panel turns out like, need to practice my tig as well regards Stephen

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Had a potter  about this morning making stuff to add on to vent panel made a bit of an oversight by not taking in differences between series 3 and 2a details but rectified by starting again one on the bottom is what it should have been


Fag packet mentality but I don't smoke 







Now for vent flap pin hinges this gave me more trouble than the previous one 





Just one more of windscreen hinge and three more of vent hinges to make regards Stephen 

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Did a bit on folder namely bracing it up to prevent it flexing but first I had to remove some bracing I had added not realising it had already lost some of its shape, the power of leverage eh 3mm dip in centre of channel



Welded a couple of stops on braced onto roof joists and jacked off the floor looking better now 



Fitted heavyweight centre lever and braced back to channel 




Had a trial fold with the 1.6mm sheet reject from my pressings  managed to fold it but was at the limit of my strength so definitely going to make it hydraulic regards Stephen 




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10 minutes ago, Bowie69 said:

If you are struggling to bend with the current lever, can you make it longer?

I guess I could make it longer, I did manage with the 1.6 mm steel but got no where near with the 3 mm aluminium hence the look at hydraulics also as I get older I'm definitely getting weaker such is life regards Stephen

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10 minutes ago, FridgeFreezer said:

Larger benders appear to have large counterweights on arms that help you swing the blade up, if anyone has a large counterweight around the workshop I feel like it would be you :lol:

I think you know me a bit too well, hows this regards Stephen 


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Fridge inspired addition to folder this morning



Inserted into pipe for welding didn't have anything long enough


Tapped end for reasons that will become obvious 




Extension for arms



A choice of weights all weighing around 11kg each


Finished barring paint


Just to note have extension on both sides and fitted with 11kg weight 22kg in total at around 900mm distance from pivot with no sheet in to bend I now need extra leverage to hold it back as with existing leverage it wants to launch me into the garage roof tried a full length 1.6mm fold way easier so have parked the hydraulic side for now regards Stephen 

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