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Someone I don't know, but whose location is 'Northampton' has just posted today in the Forum of the Series 2 Club.

Just had the New Defender delivered and I 'ucked' up !!! I failed to tick the 'middle console' box when ordering and now have a completely empty space in the middle !!!  I have just spoken to Land Rover and they have no retrofit - i.e. it can only be fitted on the production line..... Crazy. So to get round the problem I'm looking to find a company to build a bespoke middle console. Any suggestions on who to approach ?

Does anyone here feel enough sympathy to offer helpful advice?

I'm not familiar with what a 'Middle Console' comprises. If I was to guess it would be that 'No Middle Console' means more than just a single item missing, but that adjoining panels or mouldings are changed to compensate for the absence.

The experience also serves as an alert to others who are considering specifying an order fot a Defender 2020; Double and Triple check the options you have selected, or left un-selected.


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If you can’t add something as simple as that, then what chance for other modifications?  The more I hear, the even more I see it as a Chelsea Tractor.  If it can’t be personalised or adapted, it’ll not find much favour with less affluent overlanders or off readers as a second hand vehicle.  Depreciation is going to be terrible once this new model bubble has burst.

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The centre console is joined to the dash at the front and so I’m not sure it can easily be added for the reasons you suggest. It also forms part of the second row heat/air system and on some models the cubby fridge etc.

I will be adding roof rails, front skid plate and rear recovery points to mine in time. All fairly straightforward to fit DIY so I’m not buying into the “can’t be adapted” nonsense. They can all be fitted at time of purchase by the dealer too but then you’re paying for them to do that. 

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I'd guess there's an element of not wanting the dealer pulling the interior apart and damaging things/leaving it with squeaks and rattles that then cause warranty claims. Doesn't necessarily mean you couldn't retrofit the console if you wanted to (although obviously this guy would be in for a long wait before he can get hold of one if land rover don't sell them separately).

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What sort of console do they want and how much they want to spend ?

halfords do cup holders and I’m sure retropower type company could whip something up for a good chunk of cash.

I’m not sure any cars really do retro fits. Do you have any examples of cars in last 10 years that do big retro fit items ?

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I've done some web research myself, to see if I could establish the different options.
It appears that for a 110 you can have an empty space that allows a walk through into the second row area, (probably what he has);
A centre seat,
A centre console with or without a Refrigerator.
The picture is culled from a publicity video.


The empty 'walk through' space doesn't video very well, all that is shown is the upper halves of the backrests with a space between them

Following my comments the guy has revealed it's a 110, bu.t he doesn't say what facilities he wants instead of the walk through space.

Responses on the S2C forum have mentioned Mud Stuff and 'Have a look at Powerfull UK....he's all over the new defender on YouTube'.


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Here is the “walk through” - fancy way of saying no console. It’s only a few inches tall to form the cup holders, similar to the ‘cubby tray’ offers on later models of the old Defender. The console appears to be standard on all except the base model, where it is a £200 option. Likewise the digital dash.


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You could probably climb through, but I’m not sure why you’d want to given that they’ve seen fit to provide you with doors through which to access the rear seating or load area. Good for letting the dogs through though I bet!

I can’t see the post on the S2C forum as I’m not registered but looking at what is in place when the console isn’t fitted I reckon one could make up a plywood console with a profile on the bottom that fitted snugly into the cup holders and storage trays to locate it. Suitably trimmed it would probably do the job quite nicely, and would be able to be built to suit the individual needs of the owner.

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