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How much faff is it to remove or move foot pedals

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I'm replacing my drivers side footwell and wanted to take the pedals out for better access to weld the new panel in. It doesn't look particularly easy to remove them so I think I'll just work around them but thought I'd ask in case I was missing something and there's an easyish way to remove/move some of them. After disturbing the brake pipe while replacing my outrigger I've ended up having to replace all the rear brake lines and both rear calipers (which had to be cut off).  My appetite for faffing around removing rusted parts has been well and truly depleted but it would be a lot easier to weld if the pedals weren't there!

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During my replacement I also removed the steering column. That was because the top of the footwell was thin and I had to repair the panel above it. I didn't realise that I would need to do this until I started the job. I would certainly remove the pedal boxes, they mount on the upper part of the footwell anyway. Perhaps it's just the lower part that you are repairing.

I've added pics to show the extent of the well and the size of the job in my case.



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Depending on pipes/wires it may be possible to unbolt the pedal boxes and just shift them up a bit to improve matters without disturbing any plumbing, sometimes a couple of inches clearance can make a job a lot easier.

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I ended up removing the accelerator pedal which came off quite easily, with good access through the air intake in the wing. The cable was just split pinned in so the whole pedal came out without too much faff. The clutch and brake pedals sit quite high and weren't too much trouble to work around but the accelerator sat quite low and it made it a lot easier with it removed. Thanks to all for the advice, much appreciated

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