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Gavanised bulkheads

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I am on the lookout for a reparable series 2 or 3 bulkhead, but if I can't find one I was thinking to posibly fit a new galvanised one from padocks, I do not intend ever selling the L Rover & live by the sea so was going to have a repaired one dipped & risk any buckles, my question is have anyone fitted a galvanised bulkhead from Padocks & do they fit ok?

do they look ok?

& is the metal as thick & strong as the original ones?

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On 9/29/2020 at 9:32 PM, Arjan said:

Galvanize the thing.

Now easy to do when bare

Yup, ".... do not pass Go, do not collect £200" If you're going to that much pain, to not galvanise is just daft. Do the radiator-panel whilst you're on. You'll get all, or maybe add a little more, than you spend in resale. And I'm afraid, 'keeper' or not, that counts... who knows what the future holds, and one day you might want, or forbid, be forced to cash-in?


I tell you now, I wouldn't ever consider buying without a galved b/head and chassis, and I'll pay a decent premium for these.

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If you are going to galvanize a bulkhead or front panel make sure the are rigidly fixed to a vesy sturdy supporting frame otherwise they can twist in the process.

My bulkhead is 62 years old, has had new pillars and footwells and a tinyholde repaired below the windscreen and the front panel has a new lower section.  I think they will see me out without galvanising


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