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300tdi Wolf injector pump vs civilian

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Does anyone know the difference between the injector pump ERR7299 on the 1998 300tdi Wolf and the civilian one ERR4419. They look identical on the outside. Are the Wolf’s fuelled differently for more lower down trundling / heavy towing or something else? Mine is FFR with a hand throttle but don’t suppose that is relevant.

I have found iron filings in my pump which would suggest to me something is breaking down in it and I want to get it sorted before it breaks completely or buggers my injectors too! Cost of ERR7299 gave me a shock so planning to replace with a stock ERR4419. Any thoughts or insights much appreciated.



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Thanks for the replies. Have discovered ERR7299 & ERR4419 are essentially exactly the same pup. 7299 is just a later version and may have some uprated internals. Accordingly to Bosch the fuel settings are identical. I'll be sending both the pump and injectors for a Bosch rebuild and service. Thanks again.

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