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Wolf injector pump

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I posted something in the 90 forum too but thought this might be something the military forum knows more about.

I have a 1998 300tdi FFR Wolf. The injector pump need overhaul or replacement as I found iron filings in it. The part number is ERR 7299 stamped on the casing whereas the civilian 300tdi pump is ERR4419. Does anyone know what the difference is?

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The 300 Tdi pump had a few variations.  EDC (a basic electronic throttle) for automatic Discovery’s was one, and the addition of EGR valve controls was another.  The Wolf may also have been made with some heavier duty parts and have settings to account for poorer quality fuels.

I used DieselBob Tuning to have a 200 and a 300 pump rebuilt with good results.  It’s a lot cheaper than a new pump, and less risk than second hand.  I think having the injectors serviced would be prudent too, given the contamination in the pump.

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Thanks Snagger, I have been in touch with Automarine Diesel in Brighton who are Bosch service agents. They rebuilt a Series 3 CAV pump for me last year and did a really great job. I live in Jersey and everything like this needs to sent off island to be done properly. Apparently from their Bosch information the fuel settings for both pumps ERR 7299 & ERR 4419 are identical. ERR 7299 is just a later version and may have some updated parts but essentially exactly the same pump. I'll send them the pump and injectors to re build. Thanks

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