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Hi all, looking for some thoughts, suggestions or guidance on who to speak or where to look for setting up a 300tdi Defender 90 suspension to do the Intercontinental Rally (Old Paris Dakar Route) in Jan 2022.  The base vehicle is a ex military Wolf, internal roll cage, strengthened chassis and axles, some other nice features for this trip so thought it would be a good start. The truck will get a full overhaul, engine out, full tune up, gear and T box out and overhauled and maybe change gear box ratios. Thoughts ?

Re Suspension. My thinking is that large axle articulation is not that relevant for the event but I do need springs and dampers that can handle all day fast punishment driving on desert trails, sand, corrugations etc. Will most probably run with 245/75/16 BFG All Terrains unless anyone else has a view. I'm also wondering whether I should be considering lowering the truck to reduce the centre of gravity and tighten it up a bit and make it less wallowy. Is that sensible or is the compromise on suspension travel too great? Any thoughts on best springs and damper combo? Progressive springs to handle compressions? Bump stops? Dual shocks or external reservoir? We are enthusiastic amateurs rather than full competition as you might have gathered already but, for the challenge of it, we will be entering the race rather than the adventure group. Any thoughts or experience insights most welcome. Thanks.

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i know andy sargeant has done well in france with his production class 110 hardtop, from what i remember looking at it a while back, it had 2.5" fox res dampers all round, standard diameter springs, i think it had hydraulic bumpstops also.



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Thanks @RedLineMike. Spoke with Andy Sargeant this afternoon, what a super super nice guy! He couldn't have been more willing to help and share his thoughts. Great insight and simple advice. I will definitly get my wheels and tyres form them to return the favour when we get to that bit. Cheers

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