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Aluminium welding electrodes

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Came across some of these the other day never heard of them before bought  a couple to try out, so cleaned some 2mm aluminium in the usual way and had  a go not as easy to strike an arc as mild steel electrodes  but once going not to bad practice would improve things greatly


First go was a butt weld



Bit wobbly but it got the job done second go was next to this on the flat



Getting a bit better last picture shows penetration 


So a reasonably cheap alternative for the odd job they do need to be kept dry I had them in the garage uncovered and they started to sweat had to dry them with a heat gun, size I tried were 2.5mm and amp range is recommended between 40 and 80 think I had them on 45, thoughts ?? Regards Stephen 

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I think they are a good option if you are accustomed to  or well practiced at stick. At work we had little warming boxes to keep rods in but the oven works just as well for small jobs. I prefer MIG and I have a little spool gun for small rolls of wire. I see these solder rods going about though, like Shackleton used to patch up his aluminium floor and I do wonder if there would be less heat and distortion potential. 2mm is  easier than wings and skins perhaps? It's an interesting one, I think there are a few options these days... 

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