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Hi all, I’ve fitted a new tank and sender to my late 80’s 90 rebuild. Tank is still empty now so testing the connections first before making a more permanent loom to it.

Not sure where the earth (in blue in pic) should connect? I’m only getting a faint illumination on the ‘empty tank’ dash light so it seems to be an earth issue, but it doesn’t matter where I try to earth it to it’s not grounding. The only time the fuel light illuminates at the right brightness is if I connect earth back to the white/grey wire (but I’m guessing that’s not right??)

What am I doing wrong please?


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Thanks, I’ve also been told today that I’m approaching this wrong and that there is zero earth for the tank?.  

I.e. That there should be one 12 volt positive feed in, then 2 feeds out to the low fuel light, and to the fuel gauge ( which does seem logical I guess)

So if that’s the case, then I have a 3rd wire I need to locate! 🥴

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That's strange because on a pre 300tdi 110 fuel sender there are 3 wires, one for earth, one for fuel gauge, one for low fuel level light. 

What happens if you put the earth to the bit in the marked area? 

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Yeah...So when I ground the gauge wire, the gauge raises to full so that’s good and means it’s working. Doing same for the low level light illuminates it fine, so again that’s good. It’s just that connected directly to the sender it only illuminates faintly and when I connect an earth wire to that 3rd terminal nothing happens to improve that.

is there a specific earth wire that should run back to this? I have not found one so I was just connecting a homemade earth to various random earth points trying to get it to work! (Which is probably the source of my problem?)

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