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Where do 332521 and 330303 / 4 go?

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Looking in the parts manual it is not clear to me the different locations for the rear tub stays referenced by the part numbers; 33251 and 330303 and 330304.

332521 looks like it bolts to the wheel! (Which can't be right - it wouldn't last very long if it were!).

While 330303 and 330304 seem just as vague in location. It would probably be easier if I had the SIII 1974 88in in front of me to go and peer and poke at - but not necessarily!


Any help much appreciated.


image.png.d5fb0879f907cc070e51118d1d00562d.png                                           image.png.1b4360445eafcf3e8fa5c9b6ea512959.png

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332521 bolts on the bottom edge of the rear wing, behind the wheel arch, up to the tub floor corner, and is there to give rigidity to the wing panel.  330303/4 will do the same job for the sills and tub sides in front of the wheel arch, connecting from the mating flange between tub side panel bottom and sill panel to the chassis outriggers.

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The spot where the stays attach rots from bimetallic corrosion.  Don’t be surprised if the return lip behind the wheel arch has gone completely in that area.  If so, you can rivet and bond in a length of extruded aluminium angle and drill a new bolt hole where needed.

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Yes, must do mine, currently the whole lot swings in the breeze which has fractured a few bits. I left it knowing full well this would happen, more because I was worried to drill the galved-chassis. Mine's ratty as it gets, so no overly worried, whereas a rotten chassis would have me fretting. Do I read that drawing correctly, there's a bolt-on bracket that saves drilling anyway?

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