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Hydraulic folder/bender build

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Ever since I got my bench top 10 tonne hydraulic press I wanted to make a folder for it. I've seen the kits you can buy and weld together yourself (https://www.stakesys.co.uk/review/product/list/id/972/category/76/), but I had another idea!

I was recommended by a friend about a second hand tools company that may have tooling for sale. Specifically press brake tooling. A pointy top part that goes into a V bloke to fold steel. I was then the proud owner of 12 inches of press brake tooling, a pointy bit and a bog block with multiple V's or different sizes and angles.

My idea was to make an attachment to mount the pointy bit onto the end of the press.

So I had my first project for my newly acquired lathe! I had sorted the tooling out and adjusted it to the right height. It's still not perfect, I'm looking at a new quick change tool post set up, hopefully second hand on ebay!


With a chunk of steel in the lathe I was ready to make up a longer copy of what was in the end of my press.


So it turned into this!


Which was a copy of this. Don't worry, the groove that the grub screw goes in does not need to be that wide, so I made it narrower on my part.

Now it was time to figure out how I was going to attach this to the press brake tooling blade. After more complicated ideas, I decided to test drill the tooling to see if it was drillable.......It was!

So I nice thick piece of steel was employed to mount the tooling too and I would need to make a slot in the turned up piece.


In the bandsaw it goes.


Then the pillar drill!


And now I have this!


Which slots over this. I drilled 4 holes through the tooling and plate and I was ready to weld them together.


A bit of weld prep.


And they were ready to weld together.

I made sure the press end was parallel/at 90 degrees to the metal strip.


 And job down!


All bolted together.


And fitted to my press, along with the v block underneath.


It even works too!


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Result! 👍 It really looks made to measure for your press. Can you share the 2nd hand tool emporium or is it a secret, have they got any more?

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3 minutes ago, Blanco said:

Result! 👍 It really looks made to measure for your press. Can you share the 2nd hand tool emporium or is it a secret, have they got any more?


It's this place: https://www.used-machine-tools-uk.com/

Over in Ford on the Sussex coast, I popped in there and asked and they had a rumage in their warehouse. He was very helpful.


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Memories! .... haven't been to Ford in 40 years, the train used to stop there instead when there was trouble on the Littlehampton line, I shall look them up next time I pass (???? could be a while!) thanks for that, all the time I was around LA I never knew it was there.

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