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I'm working on a 94 Defender90 No spark I have changed the whole distributor, cap and rotor and new spark plugs and still no spark

I put a glass bowl tester and just an initial spark and when cranking no more spark. Please HELP...... 

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Have you tried powering the coil directly with a 12V feed? 

Sparking once only can be the 12V wire going dead in the crank position on the ignition switch. Either switch is dead, you have a diesel switch, or a wiring fault.

One option at least :)

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What Bowie said............

Assuming the vehicle was running normally before the fault, and earths have been checked.

Try a feed direct from the battery to positive side of ignition coil.

If this doesnt work it is probably the coil or the ignition module.

If it does work, there is either a bad connection somewhere, faulty ballast resistor/cable or ignition switch

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