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D2 TD5 on coil springs ACE

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Does the  ACE system  need to be purged with the aid of diagnostics (nanocom) or will it purge itself when driving?

I have driven 200km and the ACE seems to be working (compared to my RRC).

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Why do you think the ACE system needs purging ?
Has some part of the hydraulic system been changed ?

There is an LR procedure which can be carried out with a diagnostic machine such as a Nanocom, but many people get successful results by driving the car in a tight figure 8 at lowish speeds so that the ACE system has to work hard as the car turns from left to right & right to left.


PS When I first changed an ACE RAM on the front of the car, I did nothing special other than a simple "gravity bleed" & all appeared OK. However, it it very unlikely I removed all air from the system.
The second time I had to disconnect the hydraulics I tried the "figure of 8" driving & believe it worked much better.

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If the pump got empty it's compuslory to purge it with outlet undone untill you get good flow then after it was started you must see serious activity in the tank, that's important or the pump will fail, as about bleeding the system there is a procedure with diagnistic tool but it's not so important as the air will leave the system after the ACE kicks in few times, the ''figure 8" driving is a good trick if you can do it fast

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