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Hi guys and gals. New to the site. You will all think I'm mad, but I have terminal cancer and I've just treated myself to a 2000 p38 diesel auto. Was a bit of a shock driving home as I've always had V8's in the past. My mate says he will chip it for me. Typical RR got a mile from home and within 200 yards had abs/tc lights on and suspension lights. Stopped turned it off and when I started it they'd all gone. Any ideas what's got water in it lol? Car has had a lot of money spent in the passed. Got an annoying vibration from the dash area as I accelerate, well slowly increase speed. Only faults I've found is back of roof lining and the cover on the sunroof blind is falling off. Glue and clips me thinks. Any advice on this model is greatly appreciated. Its a DHSE model. It will be my last car. I have an icarsoft lr11 reader but its throne a hissy fit so I think I need to update it. Need to sort it as I gather I will need it. 

Anyway nice to be back in an LR after 5 years away in a sorento and a merc ml. If you think P38's are bad try the gearbox on an ml. It's made of tissue paper I think. 

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Check all the grounds for the dashboard and such, you can find more details in RAVE (which you can find links to in the tech archive here).

I wouldn't chip it, it's a diesel auto, it'll be a dog to drive anyway, and when chipped you're just that much more likely to blow it up.

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ABS and EAS share a fuse, F24 in the engine bay fusebox. Check that and give the entire fusebox a good look, they are known to go bad with age.

I agree it's not the best idea to chip it, the engine is stressed enough as it is in a heavy 4x4 and by adding power you're only more likely to use it. If you do feel the need, go for a proper remap and not one of those horrible power boxes.

Hope you enjoy the car, any P38 will give you a nice ride.


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Hello. Sorry to hear about your health situation.

There's a chap on facebook, goes by the name of Paul Kemp and lives Bolton way. He's a bit og a guru on the deisel P38. Nice bloke. Drives and ambulance for a living, so works odd hours

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