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Freelander 2 2010 2.2l fuel injector problem

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this site and I'm looking for some advice.  I had a strong smell of diesel inside my car coming through the fans. I removed the engine cover and I noticed a puddle of diesel around the 2 middle fuel injectors, so I took it into a local garage and he told me that it's most likely the leak off pipe that need replacing.  So I've brought it and put it on and the leak is still there but I cant see where it's coming from.  Anyway my question is that my Haynes manual says that if I put in a new fuel injector I need to have the serial number so I can program it to the ECU? Is this correct? as I dont mind changing it but wont be able to if the ECU needs programming. 

Any advice massively appreciated 


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I'd clean the diesel up and then get under there with the engine running (and a torch) and see what you can see, I'd say 90% chance it'll be a hose or pipe leaking, most likely at a joint or clip, rather than an actual injector.

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you can swap without a reprogram - but if the correction is too far out it will trip a fault, it needs to be way out but.

All mine are wrong as i had the seals done and a couple needed swapped. when i checked it with my reader none of the codes matched up - the FL2 TD4 software runs the cylinder order back to front, ie #1 is where #4 is normally.

You need JLR SDD software to reprogram them.


let me know if you find the leak as one of mine is still doing this and i just haven't been bothered to sort it lol like you i dont think it is coming from the top as such

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I joined your forum today to discuss exactly the same issue as @Dan kewellwith my Freelander 2, 2.2l TD4. I have enjoyed reading this forum since 2014 but this is the first time I've actually posted anything. I have left this small leak issue for years because it is hidden under the engine cover but it does cause problems on long trips.

Somewhere around the first 3 injectors is a leak which pools a black liquid. I had initially thought that it was an oil leak from the injectors because the liquid is so dark but it appears that it is deisel combining with a slow drip of oil from the breather hose that runs above that area. The breather hoses notoriously leaks oil because as most of you will know the crank case breather hose connects just above here and sends all sorts of oily crud through the breather and back into the engine. On long trips particularly when the engine is running hotter (pulling a caravan) the cabin starts to smell as the diesels starts to burn or builds up enough to run to somewhere it can burn. To state the obvious it can't be healthy breathing the fumes when this happens (even though it is rare ). So I have spent hours trying to diagnose the issue. I've taken it to several mechanics. They can't identify where it is coming from and would like to change out everything. 3 years ago  my local said I needed a new turbo but it was only the hose. Still working fine today. Then when it rough started on cold mornings a different mechanic wanted to change the plugs. The car corrected itself after some additive was put in the fuel tank. Since then I have been doing my own work. 

The leak-off pipes look in good nick to me and I think I could see a leak if it was there. Anyway after such a long winded intro, I am interested in giving @rusty_wingnut suggestion a try, but wondered 1.  how do you re-seat the HP pipes do the connections need to be scrapped , 2. whether there is a seal/gasket that needs to be replaced here and 3 if it is necessary to bleed the fuel pipes after undoing them them. I'm heading of on a trip in 2 days so my usually trial and error approach wont fly. Thanks so much for your reply. 


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