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Absolutely cracking little new "Must Have" Tool

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Hiya all,

Just now and again you come across a cracking little tool that is just a must have, and this is one of them.

I have had enough of the entendable break off plastic things, these little jobbies are metal and are a folding knife too

Not much £ but really good quality :


Folds into a pocket knife, and with the swapable baldes always razor sharp, but with the blade supported yiou can really put some pressure into it, where those piggin snap off baldes...er " Snap" :lol:

Yes, I know, ..........................I'm easily excited :P


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Yes , Cracking little tool , I bought one of Snap On ,was about £12 but its got a nice wooden trim on it and comes in a leather belt pouch.

I carry it in the 90 just incase I have to cut and run.

Poor Lardy, There's no need to cut him, just run, he'll never keep up! :lol:

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Available at the moment from Woolies for a fiver in their "workshop" range.

:D The best knife I have ever come across was my Army issued jack knife, I forgot to hand it in !. It has been on a lanyard made of para-cord since 1971. Kept sharp and oiled it is great for outdoors use, the lanyard means I can fasten to me to stop me loosing or it being nicked. My regimental belt used to make an exalant botle open , our regimental moto was twist to open!!. :D

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