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Petrol Filler Slow

Mean Green

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Evening all.

Just been to get some fuel, decided top up the petrol as well as the LPG.

However, when I tried to put petrol in it ended up spraying back out of the filler pipe all over my hands, arm, leg etc The only way that I could get it to take fuel was to dribble in a couple of pence worth at a time... even then it gurgled down the filler - almost like an airlock.

Any suggestions?

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Tank breathers blocked/collapsed.

Evap control, if it's fitted wants kicking.

Foreign object in the filler neck.

Filler neck blocked/collapsed.

Both of mines have been ok to fill, however you can't start fast, they seem to require you to stick the nozzle in, and pump gently until you can build up to full flow.

Sometimes twisting the nozzle off the obvious angle helps.

Just re read that and it sounds well dodgy!

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Cheers H_S

It has only really started to do it with the last couple of fills. I suspect it is the breather hoses as I have already replaced one due to it being perished.

Something else to add to the (ever growing) list of things that need checking!

I can see this turning into another "Rough Running" saga!!!!

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Maybe decided that it prefers nice clean LPG and spat it all back out :D

Go into the offside inner wing in the boot. There is a small panel that covers access to the filler cover realese solenoid. I have a feeling that you can see if not reach some of the small hoses going into & out of the vapour separation canister.

IMHO it is a bit of a waste of space, all it's meant to do is stop you dribbling fuel onto the forecourt when fuelling or off roading hard since the later caps are all non vented.

Can't rember the configuration of all the hoses but I seem to recall it is Gone into in the Hayneious manual for some strange reason. :rolleyes:

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Just remembered, your MY should have the high filler with plastic tank which also means you should have the plactic filler down pipe. This has the vent moulded into the same pipe.

If the main & vent rubber hoses joining the down pipe to the tank are OK try blowing air up the vent section of the plastic pipe, with the cap off of course. :o

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Naw it's the low big filler.

Leave the engine running and it can use it faster than you can fill it (TDi grin!!!) :D:D:D

I have no idea what you mean.... I managed a whopping 10.8 mpg on the last tank of LPG!!!

It appears that it is still not set up right!

Niall, It is def a metal tank and filler pipe. N'er mind you will be home soon enough and can have a look yourself :D.

(Oh BTW I believe Stephen has a challenge to set you on your return!)

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OK, had it in my mind that it was a 91. Bit of a queer fish 90-3.9, more or less a four dour CSK then <_<

Oh BTW I believe Stephen has a challenge to set you on your return!

Oh dear, I'll bet it has something to do with diesels or trailers then :rolleyes::unsure:

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