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2 hours ago, Mo Murphy said:

What Sigi said, higher boost keeps the EGT lower. Nice big intercooler helps too.


Glad the boost controller has made it easier, Chambo. 


How does it drive now ? You still have the fuel pin fitted ?

For others following, the mumby controller on ebay is of a suitably agricultural design to fit right in under a Defender bonnet 🤣🤣


Yep steggys pin still fitted. Goes well I think. Other than a little puff on start up I haven’t noticed any big black or white clouds behind me.

might have to get the wife out to observe though as when going forwards at speed I prefer to look the same direction 


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23 minutes ago, Sigi_H said:

It is said, that a decrease of intake temp of 5°C makes minus 50°C EGT. Don't know, if it's right, but plausible. Intercooling is important

Interesting - so if the intercooler cant cool more then the temp introduced by compressing then you may do more harm than good by increasing boost... I wonder where the sweet spot lies with the standard setup - i.e. is the 0.85 bar it for the factory 200tdi or was there a fair bit of leeway on that?

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