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So, for those that have replied to my boost adjustment post will now know I have a more urgent issue 

water pump

i have a dribble from the tell tale hole underneath 

see pic

question is where to get a replacement.

prices vary massively.. blue bag stuff seems like a no no unless I fancy doing it again in a month

anyone got any recommendations??





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I allways replaced pump with blue bag stuff, when I changed the timing belt. Never had a problem.

Belt, idler, water pump ...

I believe the bearing in the pump is constructed for the live of a timing belt, because on other cars the pump is changed with the belt. They sure use identical bearings.


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Yup I have a proflow pump, it's now lasted longer than the one previous to that from Turners.

If I had the money I'd buy genuine but I haven't so I don't.


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Ok .. advice taken 2 for proflow 1 for blue bag

proflow ordered 


2 minutes ago, cackshifter said:

If you buy Proflow don't be surprised if it comes in a britpart box.

I hope not now I just ordered.. used Rebs link for lrdirect 

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On 11/13/2020 at 5:26 PM, Mo Murphy said:

But don't last that long Dave ☹


But in my book, it's a service Item - changed every 40k or four years, with the belt. 

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