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Anyone used a vibratory tumbler ?

I’m quite interested for 2 scenarios:

Polishing - I have a lot of gear parts that have had marks and bits of light rust on them, and they would seem ripe for the ‘peening’ ‘polishing’ effect of a VT.

Rust removal - the idea of chucking rusty fasteners in and leaving for them for a few days to emerge as the videos seem to show they do - seems pretty attractive too.

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Nige (@Hybrid_from_Hell) does. Bumped into him at the Southern Manufacturing Show a few years ago and he'd been speaking to someone about one. Said he had to be a good boy and not buy one, cue a short while later and he'd bought one.

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My better half uses small rotary tumblers for jewellery polishing, they work well - you can buy all manner of media from coarse stuff aimed at knocking sharp edges off to fine-grade mirror-polishing.

Rotary polisher is a very easy build - a drum you can put stuff in and a motor to turn it at sensible speed... not unlike a cement mixer as suggested above.

I don't know if rotary Vs vibratory makes a difference but certainly rotary ones feel like an easier build and less annoying in use.

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