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Disco 5 2018 judder

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Hi everyone, I normally inhabit the Defender forum.. 

A colleague of mine has a 2018 Discovery 5 that has covered 35k miles. 

He has had the car inspected by Land rover assist for a judder coming through the steering wheel and the outcome was warped discs. 

2 questions: are there any other suspects? At just 35k miles could this be a warranty claim? 

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Not a disco but a friend of mine took his F Pace in for a service at 11000 miles and was informed that the car needed new pads and discs  he had these done to the tune of £1500 he questioned the warranty and was told that pads and discs are not a warranty item he is still in discussion with JLR for them to cover costs on the basis genuine parts should last a hell of a lot longer, didn't help when I told him my Passat was just wearing out it's first set of pads at 70000 miles regards Stephen

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To wear out a set of disks and pads is horrendous I spent 12 years in the army and it was very seldom we had disks or pads to change and army vehicles are not driven with a lot of care we had more vehicles brought in due to bent chassis than with brake problems, I started driving at age 17 which gives me over 50 years behind the wheel and 1 job I did as a service engineer had me doing over 50000 miles a year some years more but never less and in all of those years I never had to change break pads or disks I had days when I had to fill up 3 times the same day so I don't believe that needing a set of pads or disks is normal wear and tear either they were faulty or it was down to bad driving.

Good luck in trying to get landrover to pay for them.

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Thanks for the responses. He got it sorted at a none LR garage using OEM parts.

This was put down to lack of use over lockdown causing binding which overheated the discks a warped them. To address @Poppy AnnThis is most certainly not down to bad driving, he is an extremely careful driver with many years experience. Usually if you are doing high mileage then you are probably not doing stop/start journies which put wear on brakes and tyres; this would account for huge milage between brake pad and disck renewal. For the same reason it is not uncommon for me to get 35,000 miles out of a set of tyres on my car I use for work where I spend most of my time on the motorway.

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Was a faulty caliper identified? I only ask in case the problem rears its head again due to a faulty caliper. On my D3, we had a bad judder through the steering wheel at about 50-70 mph. Touching all of the wheels revealed that the back left was very hot. The caliper was sticking. I freed it off but it just continued to stick again so had to replace it. It completely fried the pads, but the disc seems to have survived.

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