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Ugly or genius?


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FFS...DO read the amazing write up PMSL :

Preview Feature Rhino Blizzard

We can’t think of many more effective ways to make pedestrians stop and stare than driving a Rhino Blizzard. The full story appears in our January cover-dated issue.

The Rhino Blizzard makes a big impact wherever it goes. Quite what other motorists make of it when it appears in their rear-view mirror is anybody’s guess. The car is manufactured in Australia and offered in Britain by Rhino Buggies UK. This Leeds-based company is run by Karen Garrity who spotted the Hummer style vehicle while on holiday in Oz. She thought it had potential as a promotional tool, while kit sales will also provide income. (Karen - Spec savers have an offer on at the mo :lol:)

The car is based on the chassis, suspension and running gear of a Nissan Patrol 4x4, although the demo has a bespoke chassis and a Chevy V8 engine to prove how far the concept can be taken. In fact, Karen’s husband Shaun got a little carried away with the specification. It’s jacked up high, bedecked (Karen - do you mean it RedNecked ?) with audio-visual equipment and has about 350bhp. To match this spec would cost about £35,000, but it would be possible to build one for £15,000 (with a corsa engine ?) which would still have the same traffic-stopping ability. And if it can earn it’s keep as a promotional tool, so much the better.

Even the demo car is available to hire. (Karen, do you mean you would just rather not be seen in it and rent it out to the Chavs wot say its wicid ?)

Being based entirely around the Nissan donor (including the ladder chassis) (but without any of the donor 4x4s style) comes with a number of advantages. The Blizzard is exempt from the SVA test, can be serviced by any Nissan garage and behaves just like the production donor it’s based on – so long as you don’t jack it up, that is. And the car (if that’s the right word for this monster!) has a production car feel to it throughout. The bodywork, for instance, is made from steel, which is highly unusual for a kit car.

Despite the anti-4x4 movement that’s gaining momentum, the Blizzard gets a terrific response from passers-by. (yeah, I can imagine like WTF IS THAT POS ?) It’s so big, so outrageous, (its so bucketty-vomitingly dreadfull) that it seems to attract a thumbs-up where a lesser off-roader would be met with disapproval. (yeah ok) If you like the idea of the big, bad Hummer replica, read the full story in our January cover-dated issue. It’s in the shops from Friday 15th December.

e-mail adam@which-kit.com.

Dear Adam

Please can you let me know the medication your on, as I think its just what I am looking for :lol:



Ps I don't like it

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A friend from work has a subtle ex-US forces, ex-Black Hawk Down filming Hummer H1 (pink desert camo with a gun on top) and also a Urban Guerilla Hummer Kit car which was on a Chevy truck chassis when he bought it but is now on a RRC chassis, with the proper hummer beadlock wheels on the two are tough to tell which is the genuine one from further than 2metres

But that thing in the photos is awful :wacko:

Lewis :)

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