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4.6 gems into RRC - advice

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Hi all - I’m someone else trying to plumb up a standard 4.6 gems (with megasquirt) into a RRC...and hitting some issues...

The standard oil filter location isn’t going to work - is the best option to use a remote oil filter. I see mocal do a complete kit.

There are also issues with the coll packs (mounted on a bar at the rear of the engine) being in the way of the heater matrix water pipers. Presume Ford G1 coil packs are the answer?

I understand the PAS pipework might be a problem as well?

Any tips from anyone who’s done an instillation gratefully received.




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Sounds like minor "problems"..

- Remote filter is a standard and easy solution.

- Relocating the coil packs is also not a big issue, even more when you MegaSquirt it and need to make the wiring yourself. When you use two VAG wasted spark coil packs from a four cilinder you can drive those with logic signals because the ignitors are inside the pack.

- PAS pipe work.. Just have custom pipes/hoses made with the original fittings which come with the pump and the steering box. (provided that the PAS pump and steering box want to be friends regarding oil pressure and flow).

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As Carloz says, minor problems... what Megasquirt setup are you using as that will dictate which solutions work best for coil packs.

- Remote filter is an easy one, yes just get a Mocal spin-on adapter & head.

- Coil packs depends which MS/how it's built but nothing that can't be solved

- PAS pipes you'll need at least the high-pressure side done by a hydraulics supplier, also you need the steel part of the pipe that comes out of the pump and runs down behind the belts as that angle/route is too tight to get a rubber hose & fittings in sensibly (ask me how I know). There's photos etc. of my setup in my ambulance thread and my 109 thread in the member's vehicles section.

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Thanks both, that is very useful.

I’m glad they’re minor probs....I’m converting a LHD VM LT77 to a RHD 4.6 R380 and each step throws up an issue to puzzle over....lots of probs add up and you have to make sure you break them back down so you don’t get fed up with it all!! Most you can sort, but some best to ask.

Using Nigel’s Megasquirt gems kit, he recommends Ford coil packs. He’s a busy man though, so been trying to get hold of him to make sure I order all the rights bits.

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1 hour ago, Jon1T said:

Using Nigel’s Megasquirt gems kit, he recommends Ford coil packs. He’s a busy man though, so been trying to get hold of him to make sure I order all the rights bits.

Is that EDIS (did you get a Ford EDIS module with the kit)?

Usually Nige sells Ford coil packs & mounting brackets to put them at the front which would solve your problem;



While I'm going through my photos, this is how to do the PAS pipe - you need the angle(s) pictured, then cut off the end (left of pic), clean/polish it up nice and smooth and stick a compression olive hydraulic fitting on, I think the adapter takes it to a 3/8" BSP fitting which makes for sensible-sized hose for the rest of the routing. I think I did a similar thing at the PAS box end too. The HP hose itself MUST be swaged up by an adult (hydrualics shop) as it handles very high pressures, you won't get anything DIY to stay together and high-pressure PAS fluid squirting round your engine bay is a recipe for a hell of a mess, personal injury, and a vehicle fire.


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