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Lower Heater Control Cable Pin & Bonnet Release Catch Pin

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1988 Land Rover 90 V8

I can't find the clevis pin/whatever it is that is meant to hold the lower heater control cable in place. This isn't shown on any of the normal diagrams.




Also while I'm asking, there's a pin that holds the bonnet release cable on the mechanism that releases the cable itself - I also need that one.



Any help greatly appreciated, thought these would be easy, apparently not.

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I'm only answering because the questions have been 'ignored' for longer than I expected, but bear in mind I'm working off the diagrams; I don't have any knowledge of any Defender.

I can't really tell from your photo, but when you say 'hold the lower heater control cable in place' I have interpreted that as the part clamped onto the cable inner AND engages with the lever, so the inner moves as the lever is moved. I suspect this is RTC5978. The link goes to the page on Land Rover Workshop; if you scroll down you will see diagrams from the parts manual. Click on the diagram to expand the view; the item is highlighted in this view.

If you are looking for the clip that holds the cable outer in place, this is 'Clip retaining 13H7343L', another link to the LRW site.

Moving to the 'pin that holds the bonnet release cable on the mechanism that releases the cable catch itself ', I was thinking it might be another RTC5978, but it isn't!

This MIGHT be Retainer Cable 356225 (now STC926) No picture on LRW, but there is one on Craddocks under that number.
This also requires Bolt 257194, but LRW don't list it as such, cross referring you again to STC926

Using STC926 we see it is a 'kit' comprising both the trunnion and the bolt (STC927 is the Metric version).
While Craddocks have a picture, so do Paddocks, at much less money. I suspect it all depends on postage, and what other parts you order at the same time.

Checking back, I see that Paddocks also stock the RTC5978 and 13H7343L.



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really appreciate you taking time for such a comprehensive response. You've identified the part numbers I suspected but wasn't sure, which makes me confident enough to order. £10 for what is essentially a nut and bolt is steep, but given it's a very specific nut and bolt that I can't make myself, thre's no option.

Thanks again for the help and looking forward to seeing if we're right...

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