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Semi OT- PDA help


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I need a PDA that can:

Run a basic VB program

has a speaker to output results

can run TomTom

can run some sort of mapping software (haven't decided which yet)

has USb ports to control MegaTune (a tuning version of megasquirt)

and potentially has GPRS and bluetooth.

what OS will do this and whats the minimum spec i should look for? whats a reasonably s/h purchase going to cost me?

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My O2 XDAII on MS Mobile 2003 can do most of that

VB probrams - I guess but I haven't tried, if you've got something in mind I can try for you

Speaker - Yes and headphone output to connect to a bigger speaker if you want

TomTom and MemoryMap - Yep, I think it'll do OziExplorer too but I haven't tried

USB Ports - Not directly but it gets power/transfers data via its own connector that ends up in a USB connector, so possibly. Not sure that MegaTune can be used on Windows Mobile though? Just found this, apparently it needs win32, which Mobile is not...

GPRS I think, I don't use things that cost me money! Most have WiFi now which is better, although not accessible everywhere. Has Bluetooth though.

Hope that's of some use, if you want me to try anything on mine I can give it a go.


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Pretty much like Dicky says, the things you mave have preblems with are the VB program and MegaTune depending on what OS they are designed to run on. I guess the MS forum is the place to ask about that, although I'm sure Fridge will know. What is the VB prog? Do you want it testing? I have WM5 OS on my PDA.

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I saw somewhere on the megasqirt sites that they had written an application using the Palm OS. This used a serial connection.

Palm os is good but it does limit the sat nav options versus Windows mobile.

Have you considered using a second hand laptop? Much better for mapping and you can show multiple applications.

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